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"We realize the best corporation in the field of new generation of weighing & measuring products."

Dacell is providing ultra-precision load cells and various weighing and measuring products, which can be used in various fields of industries, based on 20 years of experience in manufacturing of weighing and measuring products and with own superior technologies.


We will exert every efforts to provide customers with total solutions for a field of load cells and as well as advanced weighing and measuring field by developing of high quality products with the inernational competitiveness.


CEO Shin Hyeonggyun


Company history


  • 1989.03.01    Founding
  • 1992.01.01    Establish DANA LOAD CELL Co.,ltd
  • 1993.03         Extend a change of address
  • 1998.08         Torque transducers production(revolution/not revolution)
  • 2001.09         Company name changed to DACELL Co., Ltd.
  • 2002.11         Acquirement of quality warranty for ISO 9001
  • 2003.02         Acquirement of quality warranty for CE
  • 2005.11         Acquirement of quality warranty for ISO 14001
  • 2007.07         Acquirement of quality warranty for INNO-BIZ
  • 2008.01         Acquirement of quality warranty for Indicator

                           DN500N, DN510N, DN520N, DN530N, DN540N CE

  • 2010.02         Acquirement of Patent certificate for 3 Axis Load Cell
  • 2010.04         Acquirement of CE quality warranty for Load Cell CP,UU,UMI,CMM,TX25

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New Products

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Special type - CM79

Pedal load cell - MC86-R,MC86-L

Wire, Roller, Winch(Tension load cell) - RTB14

Pin type-PL8

Compression & tension- CB1, CB1A

Torque sensor on demand. - TRB-30KC

Non-rotary torque sensors - TCN23

Non-rotary torque sensors - TCN16

Non-rotary torque sensors - TCN15